Why You Should Be Rushing to Home Reno Before Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada can be very extreme with temperatures ranging from -15 degrees Celsius to as low as -40. It is usually experienced from December all through February with January being the harshest. While winter is fast approaching it is important that our homes are winter ready before it arrives. Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in Canada but for you to enjoy it, you have to make prior preparations to ensure that your home is warm and cozy.

This is why you should be rushing to home renovation before winter. So what exactly should you renovate before winter arrives? Here is list of must do renovations before winter to ensure that you and your family stay safe and warm this winter as well as cut down costs.

I. Roof. Summer storms may have done a number on your roof causing holes that may be a headache during winter. Winter comes with rain and snow that may make a very small problem bigger and more expensive to fix. It is therefore important to check the roof and repair all the areas necessary before winter.

II. Windows and Commercial Door Repair. These play a major insulation role. If windows or doors have leaks that means that the heat generated from the home heating system can escape hence causing more energy use which directly leads to a higher electricity bill. It is advisable to have an energy efficient window that is air tight as they will ensure that no air from the house escapes.

III. Heating system. I know the heating system is the last thing you think about before winter but hey December is almost here and you are definitely going to need it. It is important to have it checked and serviced beforehand so that it does not fail during winter.

IV. Chimney and fire place. The fire place is everything during winter. The chimney can be all dusty and sooty and this may be dangerous if fire is lit. it is therefore important that the chimney and fireplace are cleaned out and all renovations made before winter. You can also move more furniture near the fireplace so that everyone gets to enjoy the fire comfortably.

V. Supply. Winter comes with its own set of supplies such as snow shovels, ice melts, salt among others that quickly run out of stock during winter. VI. Fun. Ensure that you reverse the direction of your ceiling fun from anticlockwise to clockwise. This works by pushing down the warm air that that rises towards the ceiling. A simple way that this come be done is by using a reverse switch.

VII. Exterior. Needless to say you won’t need the outdoor furniture, the grill and other items you used in the summer. Spring is a great time to store them so as not to damage them. Turn off faucets and disconnect hoses. If you feel the need to use them during winter, invest in frost proof faucets as regular ones may get water frozen inside them and this may damage them. Winter in Canada is spectacular and while its fast approaching doing these renovations before winter will allow you to enjoy every bit of it.