The 10 Perfect Winter Spots To Set Up A Winter

Do you want to experience a fun and exciting Adventure in the world? Winter intends snow and unfriendly weather for many of us. Nevertheless, you can capture a warmer area and handle a lot less by having a vacation throughout the winter. Or, if you enjoy the winter weather, make the most of it. The 10 perfect winter spots to set up a winter cottage / house.

1. Great Barrier Reef:

Did you know that this beautiful and breathtaking part of the Earth is located right in Queensland, Australia? Millions make their way around this reef on a yearly basis, and it should be the first thing on your list to visit once you get to Australia.

2. Cape York, Queensland:

This area is known for being the top end of Australia. This place is known for offering sheer beauty to the world, and if you want to see the top of the Country in a whole new way, this is the place to be.

3. Cruises:

Many cruise lines offer great deals for winter travelers. Rates on cruise ships are significantly reduced beginning in November and December. The weather may be different in your area, but many cruises travel to places where warm weather lures all year round.

4. Ski Resorts:

Ski resorts are for those who like to embrace the winter weather. This destination keeps you active and doesn’t break your wallet. Colorado is an excellent place offering a bright and powdery view during the winter. If you’re ready for some action, or a mouthful of snow, this is your place.

5. Las Vegas:

Trips to sin city are on sale during the holidays… until new years. Prices on flights and hotels to Las Vegas are significantly reduced. But during the week of New Years, prices drastically increase. So avoid traveling here during New Years if you want to come back with extra cash.

6. Hawaii:

Beat the winter blues in Hawaii. It’s an ideal destination where you won’t have to worry about the cold. The average temperature during December is around 70 degrees. However, January, although not much lower in temperature, is known to be a rainy month.

7. New York City:

New York City offers several activities and sights all year round, but the winter presents this city at its finest. Whether viewing the big tree, ice skating or celebrating new years in Times Square; there is something here for everyone. But make sure you bundle up, the temperature can become bitterly cold.

8. Movie World;

Movie World is a famous theme park located in Gold Coast, Australia. This theme park is very similar to Universal Studios, but they take their ideas to a whole new level with some great rides and attractions.

9. Sea Cliffs of West Cape Howe:

Rock climbing is known for being an excellent activity, and Australia has some great hotspots to get you the most fun while rock climbing. Sea Cliffs have unique opportunities available for tourists, and you will find yourself having a blast in this place.

10. RnR White Water River Rafting:

If you feel good being in the spring, then white water river rafting is a great thing worth trying out. Located right in Queensland, the RnR White Water River Rafting company can give you the ultimate splashes and excitement with your family in a river raft.