Some new reconstruction condo projects that are eye popping

Some of the most popular types of housing today are condos. They are desired due to their privacy and access to shared resources such as recreation rooms, gyms and more. Real estate developers have found that young, upcoming, mobile professionals are more interested in condos than other types of real estate. As such, condo developments have been mushrooming all over. The enthusiasm about condos is so much that if a development hits a snag like a fire, structural damage or natural disaster, the unit is being rebuilt as a condo reconstruction. Some of the ones available today are truly amazing to behold. Here are some new reconstruction condo projects that have eye popping features.

The Park, San Diego, USA

Constructed by Zephyr developers, The Park is an exclusive reconstruction condo complex that is currently available for investors and potential tenants. The complex is located at Bankers Hill and has 14 stories. The condo complex building was formerly a medical facility but was reconstructed to house condos.

There are 60 luxury condominiums in The Park which range in price from $1 million to $6 million. There is also some retail space in the ground floor. 10 of the condos are accessible through a marble corridor from the front lobby. The rest are served by private elevators.

The Park condos are spacious and feature luxury amenities such as recessed lighting, hardwood floors and gourmet quartz counters in the kitchen. The cabinetry is designer and so are the appliances within. The bathrooms have frameless shower cubicles and expansive tubs. Furthermore, every condo in The Park has a laundry room in the interior with its own sink. As a bonus, every condominiums in this complex has a great view of Balboa Park.

The Independent, Austin, USA

Housed in the tallest building in Austin, The Independent is a collection of luxurious condos. The condos are located in a 58 story tower which is the tallest residential complex in the city. The condos are situated in Jenga-style floors. Furthermore, they all have direct access to features such as a dog park, a sky lounge, a fully-kitted fitness center and 24 hour concierge services. Residents also have access to a pool and a parking garage.

Each condo at The Independent has access to a private balcony and also glass walls which span from the floor to the ceiling. Recessed lighting and clear views of Lady Bird Lake are also provided. The reconstruction condos here range in size from 1 bedroom units to 3 bedroom units. Moreover, their listing price ranges from $666,798 to $3,524,000.

The Residences, Bangkok, Thailand

The Residences is a reconstruction condo complex in Bangkok. Each unit is packed full of luxury features fit for expatriates and diplomats. They range in size from 2 to 4 bedroom units. Some of the features within include floor to ceiling windows, unobstructed views of Bangkok city, recessed lighting, chrome finishes on all faucets and crystal door knobs. There are abstract sculpted chandeliers in every room and contemporary furniture all around. Residents of The Residences has access to a gym, a pool and enjoy great views of the river below. Unit prices are available upon application.

Condos facilitate comfortable, luxurious living in the city. The units described above are all reconstructions that provide luxury amenities for the residents. They are all currently available for purchase.