The Best Places In The United States To See Wildlife Upclose

What Are the Best Places to Get Up Close and Personal with non-Confined Wild-Life?

Are you a bona-fide animal lover? Wish that you could be one with nature? And nothing warms your heart more than witnessing a baboon nursing her young or a crocodile displaying its status as apex predator by snapping its powerful jaws upon hapless prey?

There is probably one thing that could improve the entire experience though: if only these wonderful animals were free to roam out of their enclosures and cages!

In this article, we shall have a look at three of the best places in the world where animals are granted the freedom to live freely in a protected/conserved environment while humans attempt to understand them better.

Wolf-watching in Yellowstone National Park

The beautiful park contains a population of free-roaming wolves that appear primarily during the dusk and dawn periods of the day. There is a wide selection of lodging for visitors who wish to admire the alluring animals with their noses to the wind.

Although wolves inhabit the park, they are not necessarily present all year round as they follow a migratory route according to sprawling elk populations, which is a primary food source. If you are lucky, you will find the majestic beasts traveling in packs around the escarpments of Yellowstone, truly a sight to behold.

Be extremely cautious though, wolves are easily spooked by nature and visitors should be deterred from producing loud sounds that might stress the animals. Young children should be informed before the journey.

Hug a panda at Chengdu

There are perhaps few animals on earth that are as adorable as the giant panda. Unfortunately, due to a combination of slow reproduction rates, deforestation and fussy dietary habits, the animal has become an endangered species.
Thankfully, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in the Sichuan province of china, set up in 1987, has been actively protecting and studying the species while allowing members of the public to mingle with the bears.

The original residents were rescued from the wild and nurtured in the facility that imitates their natural habitats. Over ten thousand bamboo shoots were cultivated for the dietary needs of the picky-eating species.
Aside from research laboratories and medical facilities, there is the Giant Panda Museum that exhibits images, fossils and models of pandas and other rare animals.

Visitors from all around the world visit the facility to learn more about the behaviour and plight of the animals. A trip to the facility offers visitors an intimate moment spent with the animals and raises their awareness on the conservation efforts.

Night Safari at Singapore

The first nighttime zoo in the world featuring nocturnal animals, aside from the large assortment of exotic creatures exhibited within its grounds, there are open trails that allow animals to roam freely next to visitors to the attraction.

There is the Wallaby trail, featuring animals from Australia such as sugar gliders and possums, the Leopard trail, where eagle owls and fruit bats roam, and the East Lodge Trail where one gets to catch stunning ungulates from both Africa and Asia interact with visitors.

A tram ride through the park in darkness is a thrilling and educational experience for both young and old. Visitors are informed to keep away from flash photography during the ride, which suggests the proximity to the wildlife.

Second Nature

These scenic attractions offer animal lovers the opportunity to enjoy the creature comforts of the wilderness while staying away from the savage lands. Any wilder and one must trek into the heart of the jungles!

Best Cottage Regions in Canada

There are beautiful places to own a property around the world. The perfect landscape, fresh air, and green pastures create the right atmosphere for peaceful living. Canada has one of the most gorgeous sceneries and the best peaceful and quiet cottage regions. Looking for a great place in Canada to get a cottage? This article will give insights on some of the best areas to buy a cottage in Canada.

Generally, cottages are low cost when compared to a bungalow or duplex. They are small and comfortable especially if you’re looking to get away for a while and visit the countryside. The homely features of a cottage are what attracts many individuals to buy one. If you’re looking to live a simple life, a cottage is just right for you. Cottages make you feel good.

Asides from the financial benefits, cottages emanate warmth and harmony. You’ll always feel at peace in your little cottage home. Owning a cottage is a major investment in the world of Real Estate. The value of a cottage appreciates over time and this is one of the reasons people buy cottages. Other than that, living in a cottage is very peaceful and comfortable. They give you a homely and welcoming feeling. Some people also purchase cottages with hopes of passing it onto future generations. When planning to buy a cottage, the first obvious thing to consider is having enough funds. So planning ahead will help you budget wisely. Once you have sorted out planning a budget, you can begin to decide on a location of the cottage based on your budget.

One of the best places to get a cottage in Canada in Ontario. Ontario is known for its country life feel that gives a blend of relaxation and outdoor recreation. With beautiful lakesides and the most gorgeous landscape, Ontario has many cottage regions that are worth living in. There are about five places you could find cottages in Ontario. First on the list is Muskoka.

This area is one of the major cottage regions in Canada and goes for quite a price. The Lake of Woods, Haliburton Highlands, the Karwarthas and Georgian Bay are other cottage regions in Ontario. Cottages in these areas are very luxurious. They are situated close to private beaches, large golf courses, and beautiful lake waterfronts. You can always take a swim and enjoy your vacation with family. Another great location in Canada is in Nova Scotia. This region has one of the most attractive lakes. For example, the Bras d’Or Lake is a major attraction. The cottages in this location are quite affordable as the area is also serene.

British Columbia is home to both cheap and luxurious cottages. These cottages are situated near the ocean and have large open fields. Places like Sunshine Coast and Shuswap are the primary cottage regions in British Columbia. The Cavendish in Prince Edward Island and the Shediac in New Brunswick are also great places to find ideal and affordable cottages.

When thinking of buying a cottage, you must consider a host of factors like the cost and location. The saying that a home is not a house bluntly describes the value of a cottage. Knowing the major cottage regions in Canada would help you choose a serene and cozy place for you to relax in. If you want to get away from too much civilization and breathe fresh country air, your best option would be to get a cottage.

Some new reconstruction condo projects that are eye popping

Some of the most popular types of housing today are condos. They are desired due to their privacy and access to shared resources such as recreation rooms, gyms and more. Real estate developers have found that young, upcoming, mobile professionals are more interested in condos than other types of real estate. As such, condo developments have been mushrooming all over. The enthusiasm about condos is so much that if a development hits a snag like a fire, structural damage or natural disaster, the unit is being rebuilt as a condo reconstruction. Some of the ones available today are truly amazing to behold. Here are some new reconstruction condo projects that have eye popping features.

The Park, San Diego, USA

Constructed by Zephyr developers, The Park is an exclusive reconstruction condo complex that is currently available for investors and potential tenants. The complex is located at Bankers Hill and has 14 stories. The condo complex building was formerly a medical facility but was reconstructed to house condos.

There are 60 luxury condominiums in The Park which range in price from $1 million to $6 million. There is also some retail space in the ground floor. 10 of the condos are accessible through a marble corridor from the front lobby. The rest are served by private elevators.

The Park condos are spacious and feature luxury amenities such as recessed lighting, hardwood floors and gourmet quartz counters in the kitchen. The cabinetry is designer and so are the appliances within. The bathrooms have frameless shower cubicles and expansive tubs. Furthermore, every condo in The Park has a laundry room in the interior with its own sink. As a bonus, every condominiums in this complex has a great view of Balboa Park.

The Independent, Austin, USA

Housed in the tallest building in Austin, The Independent is a collection of luxurious condos. The condos are located in a 58 story tower which is the tallest residential complex in the city. The condos are situated in Jenga-style floors. Furthermore, they all have direct access to features such as a dog park, a sky lounge, a fully-kitted fitness center and 24 hour concierge services. Residents also have access to a pool and a parking garage.

Each condo at The Independent has access to a private balcony and also glass walls which span from the floor to the ceiling. Recessed lighting and clear views of Lady Bird Lake are also provided. The reconstruction condos here range in size from 1 bedroom units to 3 bedroom units. Moreover, their listing price ranges from $666,798 to $3,524,000.

The Residences, Bangkok, Thailand

The Residences is a reconstruction condo complex in Bangkok. Each unit is packed full of luxury features fit for expatriates and diplomats. They range in size from 2 to 4 bedroom units. Some of the features within include floor to ceiling windows, unobstructed views of Bangkok city, recessed lighting, chrome finishes on all faucets and crystal door knobs. There are abstract sculpted chandeliers in every room and contemporary furniture all around. Residents of The Residences has access to a gym, a pool and enjoy great views of the river below. Unit prices are available upon application.

Condos facilitate comfortable, luxurious living in the city. The units described above are all reconstructions that provide luxury amenities for the residents. They are all currently available for purchase.

The 10 Perfect Winter Spots To Set Up A Winter

Do you want to experience a fun and exciting Adventure in the world? Winter intends snow and unfriendly weather for many of us. Nevertheless, you can capture a warmer area and handle a lot less by having a vacation throughout the winter. Or, if you enjoy the winter weather, make the most of it. The 10 perfect winter spots to set up a winter cottage / house.

1. Great Barrier Reef:

Did you know that this beautiful and breathtaking part of the Earth is located right in Queensland, Australia? Millions make their way around this reef on a yearly basis, and it should be the first thing on your list to visit once you get to Australia.

2. Cape York, Queensland:

This area is known for being the top end of Australia. This place is known for offering sheer beauty to the world, and if you want to see the top of the Country in a whole new way, this is the place to be.

3. Cruises:

Many cruise lines offer great deals for winter travelers. Rates on cruise ships are significantly reduced beginning in November and December. The weather may be different in your area, but many cruises travel to places where warm weather lures all year round.

4. Ski Resorts:

Ski resorts are for those who like to embrace the winter weather. This destination keeps you active and doesn’t break your wallet. Colorado is an excellent place offering a bright and powdery view during the winter. If you’re ready for some action, or a mouthful of snow, this is your place.

5. Las Vegas:

Trips to sin city are on sale during the holidays… until new years. Prices on flights and hotels to Las Vegas are significantly reduced. But during the week of New Years, prices drastically increase. So avoid traveling here during New Years if you want to come back with extra cash.

6. Hawaii:

Beat the winter blues in Hawaii. It’s an ideal destination where you won’t have to worry about the cold. The average temperature during December is around 70 degrees. However, January, although not much lower in temperature, is known to be a rainy month.

7. New York City:

New York City offers several activities and sights all year round, but the winter presents this city at its finest. Whether viewing the big tree, ice skating or celebrating new years in Times Square; there is something here for everyone. But make sure you bundle up, the temperature can become bitterly cold.

8. Movie World;

Movie World is a famous theme park located in Gold Coast, Australia. This theme park is very similar to Universal Studios, but they take their ideas to a whole new level with some great rides and attractions.

9. Sea Cliffs of West Cape Howe:

Rock climbing is known for being an excellent activity, and Australia has some great hotspots to get you the most fun while rock climbing. Sea Cliffs have unique opportunities available for tourists, and you will find yourself having a blast in this place.

10. RnR White Water River Rafting:

If you feel good being in the spring, then white water river rafting is a great thing worth trying out. Located right in Queensland, the RnR White Water River Rafting company can give you the ultimate splashes and excitement with your family in a river raft.

Why You Should Be Rushing to Home Reno Before Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada can be very extreme with temperatures ranging from -15 degrees Celsius to as low as -40. It is usually experienced from December all through February with January being the harshest. While winter is fast approaching it is important that our homes are winter ready before it arrives. Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in Canada but for you to enjoy it, you have to make prior preparations to ensure that your home is warm and cozy.

This is why you should be rushing to home renovation before winter. So what exactly should you renovate before winter arrives? Here is list of must do renovations before winter to ensure that you and your family stay safe and warm this winter as well as cut down costs.

I. Roof. Summer storms may have done a number on your roof causing holes that may be a headache during winter. Winter comes with rain and snow that may make a very small problem bigger and more expensive to fix. It is therefore important to check the roof and repair all the areas necessary before winter.

II. Windows and Commercial Door Repair. These play a major insulation role. If windows or doors have leaks that means that the heat generated from the home heating system can escape hence causing more energy use which directly leads to a higher electricity bill. It is advisable to have an energy efficient window that is air tight as they will ensure that no air from the house escapes.

III. Heating system. I know the heating system is the last thing you think about before winter but hey December is almost here and you are definitely going to need it. It is important to have it checked and serviced beforehand so that it does not fail during winter.

IV. Chimney and fire place. The fire place is everything during winter. The chimney can be all dusty and sooty and this may be dangerous if fire is lit. it is therefore important that the chimney and fireplace are cleaned out and all renovations made before winter. You can also move more furniture near the fireplace so that everyone gets to enjoy the fire comfortably.

V. Supply. Winter comes with its own set of supplies such as snow shovels, ice melts, salt among others that quickly run out of stock during winter. VI. Fun. Ensure that you reverse the direction of your ceiling fun from anticlockwise to clockwise. This works by pushing down the warm air that that rises towards the ceiling. A simple way that this come be done is by using a reverse switch.

VII. Exterior. Needless to say you won’t need the outdoor furniture, the grill and other items you used in the summer. Spring is a great time to store them so as not to damage them. Turn off faucets and disconnect hoses. If you feel the need to use them during winter, invest in frost proof faucets as regular ones may get water frozen inside them and this may damage them. Winter in Canada is spectacular and while its fast approaching doing these renovations before winter will allow you to enjoy every bit of it.